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Our Astrologers

Kirah Tabourn

Kirah Tabourn

Co-Founder & Head Astrologer

Kirah is an astrologer, writer, educator, and creator. She combines modern and traditional techniques to offer a unique style of astrology to her clients and students. Kirah is passionate about intersectionality and inclusiveness within the field of astrology.

Isaiah Alperatz

Isaiah Alpheratz

With over 6 years of experience and study, Isaiah has crafted a practice within Astrology that poetically incorporates the human experience so that everybody has a chance to find themselves within it. Focused on using Astrology to empower and uplift, Isaiah is dynamic and unique in reading maps crafted by the stars.

Natali Nicole

Natali Nicole

As an astrologer and tarot reader, natali nicole (she/her) provides a soft space to land on the journey of self-discovery. She uses these practices to support people in developing a more loving relationship with themselves. She's particularly passionate about gold rings, deep convos, and collective rest for Black folks.

Isaiah Alperatz

Samylda Charles

Samylda has studied and actively practiced the art of Astrology for 3.5 years with clients worldwide. A graduate of Penn State University, she integrates her knowledge of Psychology and Neuroscience into a compassionate translation of the ancient perspectives Astrology offers. “I hope to inspire you to recognize that your presence, as well as the gifts and challenges you were given in this lifetime, are no mistake!”

Charm Torres

Charm Torres is a professional astrologer, tarot reader and writer. She has been featured in CHANI App, BBC, Global News Online, NFLUX Magazine, and Beside Online Magazine. Charm utilizes divination systems such as astrology and tarot as storytelling and remedial tools to understand human life in its various cycles and assist people in mobilizing their healing and goals.

djenneba drammeh

djenneba drammeh is a writer, editor, and astrologer based in Brooklyn, NY. Their first book, the astro-literary anthology Mercury’s Brood, is forthcoming.

Mercurius George

“Mercurius George” is the slightly secretive pseudonym of an astrologer, writer, and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. A longtime casual enthusiast of astrology, his interest fully blossomed when he discovered the teachings of Hellenistic astrology and began studying in earnest with his teacher Austin Coppock, gradually arriving at a blend of traditional techniques and modern psychological insights.

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